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    Heal your relationship with yourself

    Become your own wise, strong, and trusted inner guide and companion. Heal a conflictual relationship with food. Covet a trusted relationship with your body. Turn down the volume on your inner critic. Build self-trust and resilience. The person you have always needed is right inside of you, waiting to step forth and support you!

    Build strong relationships

    Become confident in the gifts you offer to others, and how to build a solid foundation for them. Develop a marriage or partnership that is fulfilling and brings you and your partner joy, strength, and passion. Fortify your parenting skills to raise resilient and emotionally wise children. Navigate losing someone you love and the heart-breaking road of grief work.

    Build the life you want with intention

    Get clear on the person you intend to be, the life you want to live, and how to actively create and live that life. Clarify your values so they act as your internal compass. Let go of fear and anxiety so that you can take active steps to live a life you love. Show up at work in a way that supports your career aspirations, develops leadership, and supports a life you love.

    Eating Disorder Treatment

    Eating disorder treatment is specialized. It is important to work with a trained professional with expertise in working with eating disorders. Disordered eating can be very isolating, and can make you think there’s nothing really wrong. However, an eating disorder damages your body, your relationship with yourself, and your relationships with others. Full recovery is possible and freedom is well worth walking the road to recovery!

    Intuitive Eating

    Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach for food and the body that serves as an alternative to dieting. Instead, Intuitive Eating teaches individuals how to attune to their body cues of hunger and fullness. This approach cultivates a healing and trusting relationship between people and their bodies. Through this process, individuals learn to build self-reliance, more awareness of and the ability to meet their own needs allowing them to show up stronger for others, reconnect to joy in food and movement, and jump off the emotional rollercoaster of chronic dieting.

    Parenting Through Eating Disorders

    Parenting Through Eating Disorders is a program for parents of children with eating disorders. The program equips parents to become their child’s strongest resource for eating disorder recovery through a combination of psycho-education, group coaching, and daily community support.

    Click learn more for a free e-book titled Four Ways for Parents to Connect Through an Eating Disorder

    Trauma Treatment

    Trauma is in the eye of the beholder. We do not have control over what codes in our brains as traumatic for us. However, traumatic experiences can have a major toll on our mental health. Working through your situation with a trained and trusted clinician can help you move forward and get back into your life.

    ADHD Coaching for Women

    Attention deficit disorder presents very differently for women and often goes undetected through childhood years. Often women with ADHD feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, and stuck, and worse they blame themselves. 

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